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GSMA – Our role

The GSMA represents the interests of the worldwide Mobile operator community. Spanning 219 countries, the GSMA unites nearly 800 of the world's Mobile operators as its members, as well as linking them with more than 200 companies in the broader Mobile ecosystem (including; handset makers, software companies, equipment providers, Internet companies, and media and entertainment organizations). The GSMA is focused on innovating, incubating and creating new opportunities for its membership, all with the end goal of driving the growth of the Mobile communications sector and the role of operators within it. In addition, we work with Governments, regulators and NGO’s to develop the social and economic value of Mobile on a country, region and global basis. Finally we operate and produce the world leading Mobile World Congress and its sister events.

The GSMA is governed by a 25 member board, comprising CEO level representatives from the world's leading Mobile operators.

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GSMA – Our Organisation

Our people include some of the best talent from around the world focusing on developing industry initiatives. We are a truly international organisation with offices in London, Atlanta, Barcelona, Brussels, Hong Kong and Santiago, and through our different offices we embrace the diversity that has allowed the Mobile industry to be one of most fast moving and dynamic industries in the world.

Our envied position at the centre of the industry allows us to collaborate with our diverse membership and support them through some of their most complex challenges that they face as an industry.


The GSMA Identity Programme and Mobile Connect

The Identity Programme covers a core element of the industry’s strategy. Development of digital identity services has been prioritised by the GSMA Board, and the Programme with its operator partners are working together to deliver digital identity solutions to the market with scale, seamless consumer experience, consistency of technology and low barriers to entry across the digital identity ecosystem. “Mobile Connect” is the service mark which represents respective products. Mobile Connect gained already significant traction and is already available from 51 Mobile Network Operators in 29 countries. The Mobile Connect Platform Product Manager will contribute to the Identity programme.

GSMA – Platforms & Operations Team

The Mobile Connect Platform Product Manager is located within the Platforms & Operations team. This team delivers, evolves and operates the central platforms which facilitate operators worldwide to deliver Mobile Connect products with cross-operator reach. From an implementation perspective, Mobile Connect is a Network API based product (compliant with the OpenID Connect technology) with a B2B2X business model: The operator’s “customer” of the product is a 3rd party applications/ service provider. The “user” of the product is an operator’s subscriber, using Mobile Connect to log into the 3rd party application, to authorise transactions etc.

The platforms which the team is responsible for are:

  • The “API Exchange” platform to federate amongst API instances from multiple operators for a seamless cross-operator reach;
  • A “Developer / Service Provider portal”, including a Sandbox environment and capabilities to register & provision apps;
  • “Software Development Kits” (SDKs) to assist developers with the integration of the Mobile Connect APIs into their applications;
  • An “Interoperability Test Portal”, enabling operators to check their Mobile Connect API implementation regarding standard compliance;
  • An “Operator Management Console”, a portal & backend system to automate business processes between GSMA and Mobile Network Operators.

Each platform is managed as a “product”. I.e. it is driven by requirements of our various stakeholders (different colleagues / functions within the GSMA Identity team, Mobile Network Operators, Service Providers / Developers) and evolved along a feature / release roadmap. Our team’s customer first of all is the GSMA Identity programme.


The Role – Mobile Connect Platform Product Manager

The Mobile Connect Platform Product Manager will be the owner of the “Interoperability Testsuite Portal” as well as the “Operator Management Console”. Both platforms serve Mobile Network Operators for this B2B2X business model of the cross-operator Mobile Connect product portfolio.

The scope of responsibility covers:

  • Stakeholder management and requirements gathering
  • Identifying new requirements / improvements / new valuable features her/himself
  • Alignment and prioritization of requirements as well as managing dependencies with other platforms managed by other colleagues
  • Elaboration of solution concepts to implement prioritized requirements
  • Driving implementation of new features in an agile methodology with a software development vendor, using JIRA as a tool facilitating this process
  • User Acceptance Testing

The platforms are comprised out of a front-end component (Web-based), a backend component (data bases, business logic, etc.) and the respective (B2B) business processes.

Criteria for Selection

A successful candidate will ideally have experience in many of the following areas:

  • Product Management (with a focus on portals and or Network API based products in a B2B / B2B2X environment)
  • Requirements gathering / engineering (e.g. based on user stories, use cases etc.)
  • UI/UX design
  • Business process design
  • Agile Methodology
  • JIRA
  • Dealing with external vendors
  • (Mobile ) Telecommunications / Internet industry
  • Communication (writing (email, PPT) and verbal (phone, meetings)) and presentation skills

Additionally to these technical competencies, the candidate should have experience in working in cross-functional, geographically distributed and multi-cultural teams. The candidate should be a persistent hard worker with a proactive mode of work as well as a real team player. A delivery and customer orientation with strong emphasis on quality is required. The candidate should be able to handle multiple activities simultaneously and handle changing priorities.


GSMA Package

The GSMA is able to provide suitably motivated candidates with a first class working environment, access to all of the key decision makers in a one of the planets largest and most progressive industry’s and the content to keep a curious mind engaged. Many of our alumni have now taken key roles in the development of the industry. Remuneration is market competitive to attract high quality candidates.